Richard Gien
Art, Design & Fashion Consultants

We’re a unique and independently owned Art / Design / Fashion consultant company in New York City since 1997. We offer guidance to high profile private clients seeking assistance in matters of simple, beautiful and tasteful design. We promote the principle of Feng – Shui (Chinese concept of good energy flow in space), profoundly interwoven intangible quality, spiritual and holistic healing energy. We also help them to choose, and integrate great paintings, intricate art objects, refined Oriental antiques and functional furniture in their immediate living environments – experiencing a precious feeling of oneness. Our designs bring inner peace, joy and harmony into everyday friendly living space as we strive to create a great sense of restfulness – without any boundaries.
Our passion and years of experience have gradually evolved into our having access to major private art collections for discreet and private sale.

We’re happy people, dedicated to, and loving, everything that we do! And we’re delightfully opened to creative projects.