Richard Gien

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Richard Gien’s show “The Joy of Vietnamese Potters”, to be held by appointment from 21 March to 21 April, will feature early Vietnamese ceramics, an area that has not been widely explored by galleries in New York in recent years.

It will thus present collectors with rare opportunity to see a small and select display of five pieces selected by Gien which vary in size and have remarkably simple and attractive forms. The earlier, 2nd-4th century Cham period green-glazed globular jar, has a comtemporary feel. A water jar from the same period is partly glazed in green and has an impressed geometic pattern. Most classic in form is an 11th-13th century footed beaker with straight sides and slight fluting in the form of lotus petals rising up from the base, and covered overall with a cream-color glaze. The piece that is most clearly identifiable as Vietnamese is an 11th-13th century storage container for rice (pictured). Its lobed sides are surmounted by six strap handles and a carved lotus petal band, the cover has a lotus-bud knob, and the whole is covered with a soft green drip glaze.

“The Joy of Vietnamese Potters”
Richard Gien, New York.
By appointment only
Tel/fax 212 633 2106

Please note that the covered rice jar was sold during the exhibition.