Richard Gien

Art, Design & Fashion Consultants


Richard Gien is an art consultant who strongly believes that true appreciation of a work of art is enhanced by it being used. In September, Gien will show his pieces in New York by private appointment (tel. 212 633 2106) and on his website (

Trained as a fashion designer, a career he pursued for several years, and subsequently as an interior designer, he became involved with Asian art through his practice of the Japanese tea ceremony. In late 1980, a client asked Gien to help him select a work of art as a gift for his wife, and this led to his building a substantial collection for them over the years. He has also worked with other collectors in search of fine objects from Asia to enchance their living environment. Gien’s design background allows a more liberal approach to collecting. He believes that in order to broaden the market and widen the appeal of Asian art, younger people should be encourage to buy what engages or moves them, and to consider even important works of art in terms of how they are to be used.

Among the pieces he will show is a Tang dynasty rounded bronze Buddhist alms bowl with patches of rich green patination. An elegantly formed and perfect matched silver cup and stand of the Northern Song dynasty with a six-petal foliate rim is in a superb condition. Typical of the more exotic yet functional wares produced during the Liao period is a globular jar and cover with a strong green glaze and stalk-like knop on its cover. Another Qing dynasty tea-dust glazed wine bottle is in the shape of double gourd.

Pictured: Silver Cup and Stand
China, Northern Song period, 10th century
Diameter of cup 10cm; stand 15.8cm
Richard Gien, New York.