Richard Gien

Art, Design & Fashion Consultants

Design Projects

In an Asian-inspired room that was created in a basement of an early 19th century American wooden house in Southampton, collaborating with a Russian architect, I created a unique living space, often for the owners, guests to lunch, to have tea, and to dine in this tranquil space. Mixes of antique and modern utensils were creatively and intuitively chosen by me for specific gatherings and occasions (including the preparation of all meals). Yet, the ritualistic aspect and the fun of the participation was the key part of the entire project. I recall I enthusiastically woke up at 5:30 every morning and didn’t get into my bed until 12 AM in order to fulfill my creative service.

My role as a designer is to create beauty wherever I go because I truly believe that beauty triggers inner peaceful feelings whenever our eyes and hearts see or sense it.